Resolve error "No specified layers were found in MapInfo Dataset " in MapInfo Pro Universal Translator when translating extended format tab to SHP

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


User running MapInfo Pro 16.0 uses the Universal Translator (UT) to translate an extended tab format table to SHP and receives error "No specified layers were found in MapInfo Dataset ".


The Universal Translator found in MapInfo Pro 16.0 and earlier does not support the translation of the new Extended tab format.
MapInfo Pro 17.0 due later in 2017 is scheduled to ship with a version of the UT that does support the Extended format.

Note: the table in question in this example would also fail to translate using the Pro 17.0 UT due to a limitation of the .dbf file found as part of the SHP format.
ESRI has an article that explains this limitation


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
To workaround this issue, the extended format table was opened in MapInfo Pro and then queried in to 3 smaller subsets.
These subsets were then saved as normal native tab format files.
These new smaller subsets could be translated to SHP format using the UT in MapInfo Pro 16.0.