Resolve Error 1720 installing MapMarker USA Data Tom Tom Installation

Products affected: MapMarker™


When attempting to install/update MapMarker Data installation,ie: "KGD******.zip" users may receive an error message: 

MapMarkerUSADataTomTom Installer Information

Error 1720. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Custom action CopyMMFiles script -2146828218, Microsoft VB...

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Users may receive this error if they do not unzip the contents of the MapMarker Data zip  ie: "KGD******.zip" before running the installation. Another cause may be a corrupt or incomplete download.


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
The resolution to solve this error includes the following: 

1) Go here to download and run "Microsoft's Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter"

    a) Go through the wizard to uninstall and remove only the "MapMarkerUSADataTomTom" installation. 

2) Go to the MapMarker Data TomTom default directory, ie:
 C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\MapMarker_USA_Data\TomTom

     a) Delete all files found in TomTom folder.
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3)    Navigate to the MapMarker TomTom Geocoding Database zipped file; if downloaded, ie "KGD******.zip".

     a) Unzip the TomTom Geocoding DB (database) files: "KGD******.zip".

4)    Once unzipped to a folder, run the MapMarkerUSATomTomSetup.exe in that folder to install the data. Use the default paths which will match or point to the same location for the data used if the default path was not chosen.
5)   Once the Data is installed successfully, test MapMarker by starting the program.

NOTE: another possible cause of this error for a MapMarker Server installation would be that the
MapMarker Tomcat Service needs to be stopped before the Data install can be run.....
User's can go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools>Services to stop and re-start the Service