Resolve "Error 2176 Opening File: CLKHSA0" running a Verimove job on the z/OS platform

Operating System: z/OS
Products Affected:  Verimove


Running a Verimove job on the z/OS platform results in the following error:

FileIO::throwIOException Throwing exception        
10/24/20XX 11:26:10 E1000  File: MFFileIO.cpp  Line: 348
Error 2176 opening file CLKHSA0 .


The error is indicates that Verimove is not being able to locate the NCOALink database files that are required to run a job. 



UPDATED: September 1, 2017
File CLKHSA0 is one of the NCOALink database files.  There are 10 files for each letter in the alphabet CLKHSA0 through CLKHSZ9.  In order to resolve this issue, check that the files are defined correctly in the JCL.  For this particular file error, the dataset name should look as follows:    

//CLKHSA0   DD  DISP=SHR,DSN=yourhlq.yourUspsData.VSAM.CLKHSA0