'Cannot open file' message observed while opening a message template in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Message/Master templates


'Cannot open file "\\Server_Name\MH\Instances\pd\CustDomains\<Customer_Domain>\BaseMessages\<filename>.htm". The system cannot find the file specified. The operation completed successfully.' message is observed while opening a Message Template in Portrait Dialogue.




It could be caused due to either of following:
  1. Appropriate access is not given to the user running Portrait Dialogue services.
  2. File corresponding to message has been deleted/renamed. Default location of base message directory is '<Portrait_Install_directory>)\PST\Million Handshakes\Instances\pd\CustDomains\BaseMessages'


UPDATED: December 3, 2018
  1. Give 'Administrative' access to the user running the Portrait Dialogue services so that it has access to read/write in the base message directory.
  2. Verify that 'Message Template' exists in the default location. If template can not be recovered/renamed to earlier name, it needs to be created again.

Note: A 'Message Template' is stored with a number and not with name given to the template in Visual Dialogue. The number can be known from the 'Properties' of the 'Message Template'. The error message contains the number of the 'Message Template' as underlined in 'red' in error screenshot.