Resolve error "Your session state has become invalid.  Please login again." when exporting Vendor.xml File From eMessaging in EngageOne Digital Delivery

Product Feature: Background Processes


When the customer goes to export the vendor.xml file from eMessaging, several minutes may pass and the customer will ultimately get an error in the UI that says "Your session state has become invalid.  Please login again."


The size of the Vendors directory should be in MB and not in GB, but if customers leave images in their outprofiles and other memory-intensive things in the Vendors directory it can easy become too large.


UPDATED: November 1, 2017
As long as the customer is not in the middle of processing a production batch of email:

1) Stop eMessaging.
2) Rename the Vendors directory to something like "OldVendors".
3) Make a copy of the Vendors directory, remove all of the files you are currently saving in the OutProfiles subdirectory and make sure the name of this directory is “Vendors.”
4) Double check that the total size of the Vendors directory is much smaller. Ideally the directory’s size will be in MBs and not GBs.
5) Restart eMessaging and attempt to export the vendor.xml file.
6) After exporting the vendor.xml, you can stop eMessaging again, delete the new Vendors directory, rename the “OldVendors” directory back to “Vendors” and restart eMessaging.