Error when trying to use the PowerShell scripts to create a Portrait Suite database

Product Feature: Installation

Operating System: Not stated

Database: SQL Server

Configuration: Portrait Suite v5.6 installation (and earlier)


When we try to run the CreatePortraitDatabases.ps1 PowerShell script along with relevant parameter and value pairs to create new Portrait Suite databases, we are seeing the following error about the DBAccessUsername.
PowerShell error


The issue is happening because the mandatory -DBAccessUsername parameter has not been supplied in the above script. This is easily overlooked until the details of what each parameter does are examined in the documentation.
Details of this and other parameters can be found in the appendix of the Interaction Optimizer Administration Guide document, but as a reduced explanation the -DBAccessUsername parameter is the user name required to connect to the SQL Server database, before any database creation can be considered.


UPDATED: April 10, 2017
Ensure that you supply a -DBAccessUsername parameter and a suitable value before running the PowerShell script. Note that the password for this user's credentials is not needed.