Resolve issue where Translucency is not working in MapInfo Professional map window

Product Feature: Styles/Display


A customer loads a table by MapBasic script. In this script he enables translucency for this layer.

But on some machines the layer is not displayed translucent.



If the Enhanced Rendering option is not enabled in the map window options (Map > Options), a transparent layer will not be displayed transparent. The default setting for a new map window can be found under: Options > Preferences > Styles and will take affect when a new map window is created. 

If the translucency of a layer is enabled using the Layer Control, Enhanced Rendering will get enabled in the map window automatically. This is why the manual modification via GUI solves the issue.



UPDATED: September 6, 2017
When creating the map window by script the programmer should enable enhanced rendering by default to make sure transparency can be displayed.