Troubleshooting no power or a blank display on the DM300-DM475

Products affected:
DM300c / DM400c / DM475c (G920, G925)
DM300M / DM400M / DM475M (G922)


The display screen is blank or black.


The meter is in sleep mode, is not receiving power, or the contrast is too low.


UPDATED: 20 July 2019
Check the power LED light:
  1. If the LED is amber, the meter is in sleep mode:
    • Press any button to wake the meter.
  1. If the LED is off, the meter is either turned off or does not have power:
    • If there is a power switch on the back of the machine, check that it is set to the ON position ( | ).
    • Check that the power cable is plugged into the back of the meter and into a functioning electrical outlet.
  1. If the LED is green, and/or the machine makes noises like it is booting up when first plugged in, it may be a display issue where the contrast needs altering.
    1. Unplug the meter for 10 seconds.
    2. Hold down the number 4 button while plugging the meter back in. This will reset the contrast to the default setting.