Error Code: 1803, how to resolve on the DM50/DM55 connected via phone line

Products affected:
DM50/DM55 (K721, K724)


The meter displays error code 1803 and will not connect.


The telephone number that the meter is dialling needs to be updated.


UPDATED: 13 June 2018
We recommend that you switch to a faster, more reliable digital connection - visit, or see the DM50/DM55 Installation Guide, for details of all available connectivity options for your meter.

Alternatively, to continue connecting via analogue phone line, a change is required to the telephone number used by your Pitney Bowes postage meter.

Full instructions can be found at:

Please follow all the steps completely:
  1. Clear the error message by pressing the Clear/Back button, or by restarting the meter if required.
  2. Under Options then "Change Setup?", update both the "Local Access phone number" and "Data Center phone number", by clearing the stored number with the Clear/Back key and entering:
    • UK only - phone number: 08719480102, then press Enter/Yes.
    • RoI only - phone number: 0818270348, then press Enter/Yes.
  3. Restart the meter by removing the power cable for 60 seconds, then plugging back in.
  4. Attempt a connection, for example a balance enquiry.

For further details about connecting via analogue phone line, please visit our UK or RoI Analogue pages.