Resolve MapMarker Find Address error within MapInfo Professional: Variable or Field GEO_ENG_BAD_USER_DATABASE not defined



Running the Find Address MBX tool from MapMarker 27 (2015.01) in MapInfo Professional 12.5.2 32 bit Pro will cause an error if an exact match is not found for an input address, the tool produces a list of candidates.

Selecting an address candidate in the “Candidate Addresses” section, and then double-clicking on the range presented in the “Address Range” section will produce the following error:

(geoutil.mb:246) Variable or Field GEO_ENG_BAD_USER_DATABASE not defined.



It appears to be an issue with the Find Address tool that was built with 2015.01 MapMarker Data installer.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
There is no work around at this time other than geocoding the actual address as a Tab in MapMarker and bring it back into MapInfo Pro after being geocoded.

This issue has been filed as a bug to be corrected in a future version of the MapMarker Find Address tool.