Troubleshooting connection errors on the DM300-DM475

Products affected:
DM300c / DM400c / DM475c (G920, G925)
DM300M / DM400M / DM475M (G922)


The meter displays one of the following error codes or system messages, and will not connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Centre:
  • Error codes on meter: 1813, 94, 200D, DE00, DE03, DE04, DE05, DE06, DE07, DE08, DE09, DE0A, DE0B, DE0C, DE0D, DE0E, DE0F, DE10, DE11, DE12, DE13, DE14, DE15, DE16, DE17, DE18, DE19, DE1A, DE1B, DE1C, DE1C, DE1D, DE1E, DE1F, DE20, DE21, DE22, DE23, DE24, DE25, DE26, DE27, DE28
  • Error codes in PC Meter Connect: EDE00, EDE03, EDE04, EDE05, EDE06, EDE07, EDE08, EDE09, EDE0A, EDE0B, EDE0C, EDE0D, EDE0E, EDE0F, EDE10, EDE11, EDE12, EDE13, EDE14, EDE15, EDE16, EDE17, EDE18, EDE19, EDE1A, EDE1B, EDE1C, EDE1C, EDE1D, EDE1E, EDE1F, EDE20, EDE21, EDE22, EDE23, EDE24, EDE25, EDE26, EDE27, EDE28, EDE30
  • Messages: No Dial Tone, Data Centre Busy, Link Negotiation Failed, No Carrier Detected, No Carrier Detected Online, Modem Connection to AT&T Failed, Invalid User Id/Password, No Modem Detected, Connection Dropped, Cannot Reach Data Centre, Line Busy, and Connection Lost, Intellilink dropped, No Carrier Detected On Line


The meter is not connecting to the server.


UPDATED: 16 August 2019
Restart your meter. Follow these steps for a safe restart:
  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Wait one to three minutes.
  3. Plug the power cord back in, ensuring that it is plugged directly into a wall outlet.
  4. If you still have a connection issue after rebooting, see one of the following sections below:


PC Meter Connect:
  • For issues connecting over the internet via computer using the PC Meter Connect application, first make sure that the meter's Connection Mode is set to "Auto":
  1. Press the Options key.
  2. Press Page Down twice.
  3. Select "Data Center Options".
  4. Press Page Down.
  5. The third option is "Connection Mode: ...":
    1. If the meter displays "Connection Mode: Phone", press the corresponding button on the left. The meter will return to the "Data Center Options" page. Press Page Down, the meter should now display "Connection Mode: Auto".
    2. When the meter displays "Connection Mode: Auto", press the Home button to return to the Home page.

Analogue telephone line:
If the issue is not resolved, contact customer support. Use the Contact Us options below.