Resolve external Reference Data Group tables do not always get created in the DataMart In Portrait Foundation

Product Feature: DataMart creation and update


When an external Reference Data Group (RDG) is defined to have associated attributes in the Portrait Foundation Configuration Suite, the associated normalized 'mini' ref data table does not get created in the Portrait Foundation DataMart.
This only appears to be an issue with implementation-specific external RDGs i.e. only those that are not included in the base packages configuration.


The issue is caused by the fact that attributes defined in an implementation-specific external RDG are not stored in the usual amc_pce_cbe_definition table, and so are currently missed when the DataMart's dynamic SQL scripts are trying to calculate which normalized tables to create and populate.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
This issue will only affect customers who need to create DataMart reports that return attribute data values for their external reference data.
If you require this functionality, please contact Software Support, supplying details of your Portrait Foundation version, and request patch 'TFS-33740 for external reference data groups in the DataMart'.