Resolve MailStream Plus not giving Automation or Machinable Rates to mailpieces due to P ATTR position 66

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


MailStream Plus™ (MSP) is not giving Automation or Machinable Rates to mailpieces


One cause of not getting Automation or Machinable rates is that P ATTR position 66 is not set correctly.  Perhaps it is Blank, or N (which is the default)


UPDATED: March 13, 2019
To indicate that a mailpiece is Automation/machine-compatible, indicate that on position 66 of the P ATTR parameter. The allowed values as of MSP version 8.3.7 (the current version as-of January 27 2019 are:

Y    Mailpieces with this attribute are automation compatible, or are machinable pieces. For Package Services Machinable Parcels, Y indicates that the mailer must place a 6-digit Machinable Parcel Barcode on the mailpieces.

N    No. Pieces with this attribute are non-automation compatible.

F    FSM1000 mailpiece (for Periodicals only).

X    Non-automation compatible piece. No, do not assign the non-machinable surcharge.

S    Non-machinable Periodicals flats (for Periodicals only).

blank    Default is N. Note: If you have automation-compatible pieces in your mailing, ensure that you specify a Y. Otherwise, MailStream Plus assumes the default, N, and your job will not process as automation-compatible.

Valid values for Periodicals are:
• Letters: Y or N (default)
• Flats: Y (default), F, or S
• Irregular: N is the only option/default.


Further information about P ATTR position 66 or any other parameter is in the MailStream Plus Guide, available here-