Troubleshooting LAN connection on the DM300-DM475

Products affected:
DM300c / DM400c / DM475c (G920, G925)
DM300M / DM400M / DM475M (G922)


The meter is not connecting to the data server via a network/LAN connection.


LAN issues may be caused by problems with the settings, the physical connection, or a firewall.


UPDATED: 20 July 2019
To troubleshoot issues with a LAN connection, follow the steps in each section below.
Check the physical connection

Check the LED lights located on the USB to Ethernet adapter. These lights should become lit within 1 minute of turning on the meter.
  1. Either the 100 or 100link LED indicators should be on (solid green). This indicates the connection data transfer.
  2. If no transfer is indicated, make sure that the LAN cable and LAN adapter are plugged in firmly.
  3. Turn the meter off using the switch and move the LAN adapter to the other USB port.
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 using the other USB port.
Note: Make sure that the meter is not connected to a phone line or to a computer with PC Meter Connect installed while using LAN.
  1. If the LEDs are not lit, verify that the other end of the LAN cable is plugged into a router or wall port.
  2. If the cable is plugged in, try a different cable.
  3. After a new cable is installed, if there are still no lights, contact client support. Please have your model number ready.

Check the network settings
  • Check that the Connection Mode is set to Auto:
    1. Press Menu.
    2. Press Page Down twice.
    3. Select "Data Center Options".
    4. Press Page Down.
    5. The third option is "Connection Mode: ...":
      1. If the meter displays "Connection Mode: Phone", press the corresponding button on the left. The meter will return to the "Data Center Options" page. Press Page Down, the meter should now display "Connection Mode: Auto".
      2. When the meter displays "Connection Mode: Auto", press the Home button to return to the Home page.
  • To set the meter to automatically get an IP address (DHCP):
    1. Press Menu.
    2. Press Page Down twice.
    3. Select "Network Settings".
    4. Select "Get IP".
    5. Select "Automatically".
  • To set the meter to a Static IP address:
    1. Press Menu.
    2. Press Page Down twice.
    3. Select "Network Settings".
    4. Select "Get IP".
    5. Select "Manually".
      1. Select "IP Addr" and enter the IP address.
      2. Select "Subnet" and enter the subnet mask.
      3. Select "Gateway" and enter and the gateway.
  • To set the DNS server:
    1. Press Menu.
    2. Press Page Down twice.
    3. Select "Data Center Options".
    4. Select "Distributor Settings".
    5. Press Page Down.
    6. Select "Primary DNS" or "Secondary DNS".
    7. Select "Continue".
    8. Select "Edit Options".
    9. Enter your DNS server.
    10. Select "OK".
    11. Select "Accept".
    12. Press Home to return to the home screen.

Firewall issues

Review the DM Series LAN Connection Setup Guide for networking details.

If your issue is not resolved, ccontact customer support. Use the Contact Us options below.