Changes in the output MSNAON sequence noticed when a Name-Address file was tested with a different month's Postal Reference Files using MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms


When comparing the output MSNAON Name-Address file, the record order was different than when the same job was ran with a previous month's Postal Reference Files (PRF).


The monthly PRF files define how the USPS wants a mailing to be prepared.  
The USPS makes presort changes due to their changing their operations, including closing of facilities, or revising facility's service areas.  

The changes they make include for example:
-what 5-digit ZIP Codes get prepared together.
-what 3-digit ZIP Codes get prepared together.  
-Where trays/sacks/pallets get labelled to.
-and many more changes about how mail is to be grouped together, and where it gets labelled to in different Trays/Sacks, or Pallets.

For these reasons it is not uncommon and can even be expected that a presort may change with new PRF files. The presort can change, and even the postage may change as pieces may get moved from one rate category to another. 

These changes can affect any mailing, depending whether the changes affect the ZIP Codes of the mail pieces in the mailing, and/or affect any of the facilities where the mail pieces get processed, and/or affect the type of mailing being done.

The changes to any specific mailing depends on the mailing and the USPS changes,  They can range from no changes to large changes being seen when comparing the results of using different month's PRF files.



UPDATED: July 18, 2019
No resolution is required.  Presort changes due to a different month's PRF files are normal.