Resolve Google Earth Connection Utility (GELink) not being as accurate as it should be

Products affected: MapInfo Professional®
Product Feature: Tools/3rd Party Plugins


There is a small shift (up to 2 m) exporting features from DNG to Google Earth using our Google Earth Connection Utility (GELink). Original source data was in British National Grid (BNG) and was bounded to get a higher internal precision.


This is due to the Google Earth Connection Utility (GELink) not using any projection bounds while creating the KML file. The tool was not architected that way, so there could be some error there. This would require a change to the GELink tool to set explicit bounds on the data, once CoordSys to Lon\Lat WGS84 are set, then use those bounds for setting map CoordSys as well prior to export.



UPDATED: December 4, 2019
Since exporting to KML requires a selection, setting zoom to selection, get MBR of map in that zoom, then use MBR to create bounded LonLat WGS84 CoordSys for exporting KML objects with higher internal precision. Change how many places we export XY values in KML with that higher precision. This has been logged as a bug # MIPRO-59704 which has been already fixed in the MapInfo Pro 15.0.1 Maintenance Release for the 32 bit version and MapInfo Pro 16.0.1 Maintenance Release for 64 bit version,

For customers running earlier versions of MapInfo Pro there is an alternative where you can convert your GIS data to KML using MyGeoData - GIS Data Converter.