Resolving How to install Verimove on Test Machine Mimicking Production Machine


Serial information needed... 

Where can I find Serial information from Production Machine so that I can setup Test Machine to mimick


We are working on to upgrade Verimove software to version 3.5.4. We have downloaded the product from our site.
For testing purpose, we want to install this on new test server XXXX12345 first ( intalling on windows). Once this goes fine then we will upgrade this to PROD server XXXX67890.

While installing this on test server XXXX12345 , it is asking me for user name and company name AND then Lincensee and Serial.
I believe we can give below details that I copied from config file of existing PROD server XXXX67890.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020

The Serial Number should be in the config.ini file from the PROD Server Machine.