Resolve MailStream Plus SORT FAILED error or possibly other errors on Linux machine.

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions
Operating System: Linux



When a MailStream Plus job was ran the .xlg output file ended with-
01/16/2015  07:24:18            MSST00A    I MSST00A Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.
01/16/2015  07:24:18            MSDR01     I MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.

The .log file ended with-
MSST00A started.  Compiled 06162014 at 104951.
MSST00A Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.
MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated


One of our Pitney Bowes Software UNIX/Linux specialists asked them to change the mount being used, saying-
1) I think it is a space/file problem. That is why I asked to have them try another device/spindle to see if that helps.

2) Also they are using an IFS mount which depending on how it is configured may be a problem. We have seen problems in the past with EMC Isilon mounted IFS drives. I know they probably want to use the IFS mount, but to show that it is not our software, I would recommend they try on a separate device.
The timing is an issue because on NFS mounts (assuming that is what they configured the IFS for), a record is locked on a read or write. So for every read/write there is record locking going on. (That is why we always recommend using a local disk when loading large databases.)


UPDATED: July 22, 2019
It turned out to be that the MailStream Plus acucobol runtime was using an IFS mount for the temp space that acucobol uses for sorts.  
Once the user changed that, the job completed normally.  The user replied-
"It was the G1TMP being set on the IFS.  When I changed it to use /tmp (local drive) that fixed the issue."

Note: this article was written in 2015.  By *default*, G1TMP is now called PBTMP.

Then our PBS UNIX/Linux person added:
Glad we got it figured out.  In the future, just for our records, look for any IFS mounts when there are problems related to strangeness/errors.  They have caused us problems in the past.  IFS mounts differs from NFS mounts.  IFS is a Microsoft protocol.