Resolve issues when printing large format maps from MapInfo Professional 12.5 (32-bit)

Product Feature: Printing/Output/Layout


When printing large format maps from MapInfo 12.5 (32-bit) to a HP Designjet 5500 ps plotter, only a small portion of the map is printed out.
Occasionally, the plotter doesn't even react.

The user has referred to the printing guide and has tried printing with various options selected/deselected but with no success. 


Not available yet.


UPDATED: October 18, 2017
To narrow down where exactly the printing job stops you can print to a file. In this workflow you will need to define the file patch and print file name in one string such as: C:\Temp\ It can be any file name and extension.

If printing to a file was successful you can check the content with an appropriate printing file viewer? - There are free viewers available in the web for nearly all printing languages. Common languages are HPGL (HP printers), Post Script (All Printer Vendors) and for all of them different Viewers are available.   

If the printing file shows the complete map or layout window this issue is with the network or environment. A different printer driver can be tested.

If the created printing file is correct you can use DOS to copy the file to the printer. This usually works with the following syntax: Copy FILENAME PLOTTERNAME
PLOTTERNAME should include the full UNC path as it probably is a network printer.

Alternatively you can ask the user to print to PDF in MapInfo Professional using the MapInfo PDF printer driver. Does this contain the full map?