Resolving Cannot deallocate or add a partition or range using MAIL360 Server

Product Affected:  MAIL360 Server™
Operating System: Windows


User does the correct steps needed to do the partition de-allocation in MAIL360 Server™ UI, and it says it did it successfully, but then the UI shows the same partition still in existence. 
The same thing happens when attempts are made to remove a range that is already allocated.  It is still there and was not removed.


For some versions of Internet Explorer, 'Compatibility Mode' needs to be enabled.


UPDATED: November 11, 2019
If this problem occurs, try enabling 'Compatibility Mode' in Internet Explorer.

Additional Information-
It was also found by another customer that was using Internet Explorer that when he clicked the red X box to remove a partition, there was no response.
Also, he could not seem to be able to add  a  numbering partition. 
He added both the IP address, and the Server name (URL), to the Compatibility View, and it seemed to solve the issue.