Portrait Foundation's Configuration Suite shows an error when you add a package to an empty workspace

Product Feature: Configuration suite


The new Configuration Suite in version 5.0 Update 1 of Portrait Foundation displays the following error when a new, empty workspace is created and the first package is added to it.

Config Suite error

This also affects Portrait Interaction Optimizer (IO) version 5.6 - which used the same underlying version of Portrait Foundation.


This is a known issue with the release. We are investigating the cause of the error and it will be resolved either in a patch, or in a future release of Portrait Foundation.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
In the interim, there is a workaround for the issue which involves manually adding a single package to the workspace's *.pws file in the master repository.
Please use the following steps. If you are unsure, contact Technical Support before undertaking the steps, and we will help you through them.
  • Close any open instances of the Portrait Configuration Suite.
  • Open the Master repository in Windows Explorer.
  • Locate the folder that represents you workspace. It will be within a folder not called Portrait_Platform, UserGroups, or Users. It will have the same name as the one that you created for the Workspace.
  • Within that folder, there will be a read-only file with *.pws extension.
  • Backup this file to a different location.
  • Remove the read-only flag (or check it out if using a source control system), and open the file in Notepad (or similar).
  • Directly underneath the <_IncludedPackages> tag, add the following line of XML:
<_Include NodeType="Package" Id="16771C6A-B512-4885-8ACA-8CCAC378C82C" IncludeType="Public"/>
  • Save the changed *.pws file, close it and make sure that it is read-only again (or check it in if using a source control system).
  • Restart your Configuration Suite. There should not be any errors this time.
  • You will notice that there is a new included package (AIT HRZ Logon) which now appears.
  • Continue to add whatever packages that you need. Save you workspace.
  • You may now choose to remove the AIT HRZ Logon package if it is not suitable for your workspace requirements.
If you experience any issues with this workaround, please contact Technical Support using the usual email address.