Label does not appear in Mapinfo Professional.

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


When using the Label tool to add labels manually to a map and clicking on a street, the label does not show up. Labels can be added for the entire map layer by checking the Label box in Layer Control.  It is also not possible to use the Info tool on any of the streets.


Layer not selectable.


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
The streets layer is not selectable.  In order to make it selectable, 'choose Map>Layer Control' and click the yellow Selectable icon which is associated with layer to make the layer selectable, as seen below:

User-added image

If labels still do not appear, right-click on the name of the layer in the Explorer window. Choose Layer Properties>Labeling Rules tab>

In the Labeling Rules dialog, check settings for:
- Allow Overlapping text (turns on ALL labels)
- Allow Duplicate text
- Layer Visibility

Adjust those parameters to see if the labels will display.
Try selecting the segment/object and use Table>new browser>selection to examine the data for the chosen segment and verify there is data in the column being used to display the labels set on the Layer Properties>Label Display tab.