Resolve Bing Maps failing to print to PDF in MapInfo Pro 12.5.3

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro 12.5.3


The following scenarios cause MapInfo Pro ® to crash when printing.

Scenario 1
  1. Open Pro 
  2. Open Bing Aerial 
  3. Hit CTRL+P: If default printer is NOT the mapinfo x64 PDF driver, select it from the drop down 
  4. Hit Ok/Ok to save the PDF 
MapInfo Pro will hang. Hitting the Cancel button will cause MapInfo Pro to crash.The same behavior happens if a Bing Map is placed into a Layout and printing the Layout in the same manner. 

Scenario 2
  1. Set System Default Printer to something other than the MapInfo x64 PDF driver (e.g. XPS) 
  2. Restart Pro 
  3. In Options/Printers, set the Printer to Windows Default (e.g. XPS) 
  4. Open Bing again and put it into a Layout 
  5. Print and select the MapInfo Pro x64 PDF driver 
  6. Hit OK 
The Output File Name dialog will appear, but all blanked out and MapInfo Pro will go into a non-responsive state.


This has been raised as a bug by the engineering team: MIPRO-62984


UPDATED: September 4, 2017
This bug has been been fixed in MapInfo Pro 15.2 and later.