Unable to run Check Regions on all objects in my table using MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro


After selecting all the objects in your table then running the Check Regions functionality (Spatial > Edit Tab > Check Regions in the 64-bit version or Objects > Check Regions in the 32-bit version) you receive the error: 'Check and Clean can only use closed objects - regions, rectangles, rounded rectangles and ellipses.'


This occurs when there are objects in the table that are not regions, rectangles, rounded rectangles and ellipses.


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
Download the Object Checker tool to check if there are unexpected objects in your table.

Once the tool have been loaded in to MapInfo Professional:
  1. Go to Tools > Object Checker > Check Objects
  2. Select the the table you want to check
  3. Object Checker will the display the different types of objects in the table
  4. If you want to remove a certain type of objects select the object type then click OK
  5. This will then display all of the records of that object type which you can then delete or save in to a different table