Resolve Zoom Layering validation problem in MapInfo Professional

Product Feature: Styles/Display



When opening the Layer Properties default values in Zoom Layering do show a blank in the value and the validation tool, red maker, does not allow to close the dialogue with changes.

User-added image  

The only workaround to close the dialogue is to:
  • Enable zoom layering.
  • Delete the blank in the value.
  • Disable zoom layering again.
  • Close Layer Properties with the changes.


The value in Max Zoom contains a blank. 

The real problem is the Customize Format under Regional and Language settings in Windows.

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Digit grouping symbol should be setup properly. In this case it should be a comma as the point is already used as Decimal symbol.


UPDATED: September 7, 2017
Define a comma as Digit grouping symbol and restart MapInfo.