Resolve rasters images displaying as black image when selecting the Display or Register options

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro


When trying to open raster images in MapInfo Pro™ using the Display or Register option, a black square is displayed in the Map Window.


The issue is down to fact that Output Preferences is not set, The Display Raster In True Color When Possible. Needs to be set.


UPDATED: September 8, 2017
To resolve the issue the following can be applied: 

1st Setting change:
  1. Go to Map > Map Options > Image Processing...
  2. Set Reprojection to Never
For the x32 versions of MapInfo Pro, Map Options is found under Map > Options. The Map drop down menu is shown when a Map is opened.

2nd Setting change:
  1. Go to Pro > Options > Output Settings
  2. Ensure 'Display Raster In True Colour When Possible' is selected
  3. Set the Dither Method to Halftone.
  4. Go to the Exporting tab and change the 'Mark Size:' to 2
For the x32 version of MapInfo Pro the Output Settings can be found under Options > Preferences > Output Settings