Resolve no applicable data found and form 3877 does not print when printing ERR in SendSuite Live, SendSuite Xpress, or Ascent

Products affected: SendSuite® Live, Ascent™, SendSuite® Xpress


When attempting to print an Electronic Return Receipt (ERR) manifest, form 3877 does not print and the error message “No applicable data found” is displayed.


The shipment does not qualify for form 3877 because it contains fewer than three items.


UPDATED: June 1, 2020
No additional action is required. Form 3877 will not print when fewer than three ERR items are processed in a batch. According to the United States Postal Service (USPS) Domestic Mail Manual, at least three items must be processed in a single batch in order to generate form 3877. To prevent this error in the future, ship at least three ERR items.

Follow these steps to confirm that the ERR files have been received (optional):
  1. Go to the USPS web site.
  2. Track the package. Electronic files received will be listed as certified, return receipt.