Missing Symbols Styles in MapInfo Professional, StreetPro and Discover

Products Affected: MapInfo, Discover, Street Pro


When opening a workspace or creating points in MapInfo Professional the symbol styles fonts for MapInfo Pro, StreetPro and Discover are missing from the Symbol Style drop down dialog.


This typically occurs when users do not Install MapInfo Professional/StreetPro/Discover as an Administrator or do not have sufficient rights to install the program fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts directory.


UPDATED: December 4, 2019

Resolution 1:
Tech Support can zip up the missing fonts to the customer and extract fonts to the users C:\Windows\Fonts folder and relaunch MapInfo Professional/StreetPro/Discover for fonts to be available. 

  • Or, instead of just copying the font files over to the directory, right clicked on each missing font and Selected Install for all users.

Resolution 2: 
Reinstall the desired Pitney Bowes program with missing fonts as Full Administrator for fonts to be available.