Resolve "Shipper meter number is now mandatory for POS service" in SendSuite Xpress or Ascent

Product affected: Ascent™ 2.25 and higher, SendSuite® Xpress 2.25 and higher, T299, T199


When shipping via the POS carrier, the warning "Shipper meter number is now mandatory for POS service. Please update the Shipper meter number under Tracking/Confirmation parameters in setup." is displayed.


The meter number was not entered into the SendSuite® Xpress or Ascent™ setup. This is now required with version 2.25 and later.


UPDATED: March 20, 2017
Follow these steps to enter the shipper meter number:
  1. Locate the shipper meter number found at the bottom of the indicia printed on your envelope.
Note: If there is no envelope with a printed indicia, print a $0.00 tape.
  1. Open Xpress Setup by selecting Windows Start > All Programs > Xpress > Xpress Setup and sign in if prompted.
  2. Select Carriers > Mail Manifest \ Tracking Confirmation Setup.
  3. Make sure the correct carrier is selected in the Mail Manifest \ DC Carrier menu in the upper left corner.
  4. Select the Tracking/Confirmation tab.
  5. Select Tracking/Confirmation Parameters.
  6. In the Shipper Meter Number box, enter the last seven digits of the ten-digit meter number found on your indicia.
  7. Select OK twice.
  8. Close Xpress Setup.
  9. Go back into Xpress processing and run your mail.
If this does not resolve the issue, contact client support.