Resolve issue where Visual Dialogue takes a long time to display participants list in Portrait Dialogue


In Portrait Dialogue, when right-clicking a group and selecting “view participants”, Visual Dialog may take a long time to display the results the first time in a dialog.


This issue is due to implementation choices, and/or the structure of the available data which is used for the creation of the domain.

Opening the view participants dialog will execute a cursor that retrieves all the columns from the database for a sample of the customers including all the 1-1 sub-groups in the domain.

If there are many subgroups in the domain or complicated queries in the domain sub-groups, then the execution will take longer than if the domain was simpler.


UPDATED: August 1, 2017
Examine the SQL in the domain, and the SQL queries in the subgroups and make modifications to increase performance.  

Possible changes might be adding or changing indexes, changing the structure of the SQL, use of Views, look at performance of the DB server, etc.