"Waste Tank Full" or "Waste tank near full" message on the DM500 - DM1100

Products affected: DM500™, DM525™, DM550™, DM575™, DM800™, DM800i™, DM825™, DM875™, DM900™, DM925™, DM1000™, DM1100™


The meter displays the message "Waste Tank Full" or "Waste tank near full" and will not print.


Excess ink will eventually fill the ink waste tank in the meter. When the ink reservoir nears capacity, the meter displays the message "Waste Tank Near Full". When ink reservoir reaches full capacity, the meter displays "Waste Tank Full".


UPDATED: January 14, 2019
Important: You can temporarily suspend the "Waste Tank Near Full" message and continue processing mail for a short time. However, once the "Waste Tank Full" message appears, the meter will be inoperable and will require service. As soon as either of these messages appear, sign in and create a technical support case to request a replacement.

Restarting the meter may allow you to temporarily suspend the message and process mail:
  1. Turn the power off with the power switch.
  2. Wait one full minute.
  3. Turn the power switch back on.