Resolve - Universal Translator has a problem translating to DGN with customized Global Origin in MapInfo Pro 12.5.2

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro


When using a seed file which has a global origin and translating from a TAB-file to DGN (V8), the output file is empty.
When using a MapInfo’s original seed file the translation works fine.



FME gets the source coordsys from the Tab file itself. It does not need to use the mapinfow.prj when translating from .Tab format to another format. 
Why the Quick Translator (QT = Universal Translator) allows you to set a Coordsys with the destination DGN format is a User Interface bug with SAFE Software. It is not needed and is in most cases ignored. DGN and other CAD formats do not use this information. If it is using a seed file to set the origin, then that applies.

The QT from MapInfo Pro™ 12.5 (FME 2014 SP2 Beta) has an issue with this, whereas the QT from MapInfo 15 (FME 2015.1.0.0) translates the file without issue using.

If the seed file is used properly a similar abstract is seen in the translation log
DESIGN WRITER: V8 Seed File, Model 'Model' Coordinate Information: 
        1 UOR(s) per subunit and 1000 subunit per master unit 
        Global origin X: -852516352 Y: -4852516352 Z: 2147483648


UPDATED: October 23, 2017
This has been fixed in the Universal Translator in MapInfo Pro 15. Please upgrade to this to make use of this.