'No Suitable Links' message in Paramics


This error relates to the tree building that is required in the assignment. There is not a viable path between the zones (zone) for the specified vehicle type (type) using the specified demand matrix (matrix) e.g. ERROR: No suitable links for type 1 in zone 1 to zone 2 (matrix 1).

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This could be caused due to either or both of following:
  • The origin zone (in zone) or destination zone (to zone) are not associated with a link.
  • All car-parks are specified to all the zones.


UPDATED: October 16, 2019
Following workaround(s) can be used:
  • Check that the zone boundaries cover the center point of a variable link.
  • Alternatively, it may be that a restriction within the network prevents vehicles from being able to trace a path to their destination. In this case check the restrictions within the network and the vehicle types associated with it.
  • Use 'View -> Route Viewer tool' to check if there is no viable route between OD pairs.
  • Use vehicle tracer to check when the carpark is full as a vehicle passes the VMS beacon.
  • This could also relate to lane restrictions in place. Each vehicle should have a valid route from its origin to destination zone. 

This error has no impact on the model if there is no demands between the links.