Why are certain legend Title edit parameters grayed out until a thematic is created in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


When running MapInfo Pro 15.0, a ranged thematic is created and at step 3 of 3, user selects "legend" and then clicks on "title Font".
For "background", both halo and background checkboxes are grayed out, as are the underline, shadow, all caps and expanded checkboxes.
If user completes the thematic and then goes to Map>modify thematic, those check boxes are now selectable.
(This issue occurs in MapInfo Pro ver. 12.5.2 32-bit as well).

Why are these options grayed out while creating the thematic but available after thematic is created?


These options are grayed out by design as in the 'new' legend designer they are not supported.
The fact that they are enabled in 'modify thematic' is actually a bug, because if users tried to use any of those options, nothing happens to the legend. 
Users can try using underlines, shadows, etc. to confirm that the legend was not changed. 


UPDATED: August 2, 2019
Those options are not supported in the new "legend designer". 

One possible workaround is to enable the "create version 11.0 legends" option, found at the "Legend Window Preferences" dialog, which reverts the legend back to the old format.

User-added image

Note that then these workspaces will likely not be able to open correctly on the 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro.