Why is my List Conversion Plus job hanging

Product Affected:  List Conversion Plus
Operating System: Windows



List Conversion Plus version 6.5.0 on Windows just hangs. 
No xlg, rlg or rpt is generated.


The addresses have garbage values in the address information.
When the ‘/’ value was in the address information, the job hangs.



UPDATED: March 22, 2019
When the ‘/’ value was removed from the address information, the job ran fine.
Address 1 had this address value:
531 WROSCO/# 4 
Removed / -
Job ran fine with this address:
531 WROSCO # 4 
Address 2 had this address value:
10605 SE 240TH ST PMB /# 328
Removed the /
10605 SE 240TH ST PMB # 328
It is suggested to clean up the addresses in the records by using Code 1 Plus, Finalist or Spectrum before running the records thru List Conversion Plus for best results.
The USPS addressing standards are in Pub 28:
In the USPS addressing standards the only allowance for the slash ‘ /’ is when the address is using a Fractional Address.
When the address was tested as:
531 WROSCO 1/2# 4
The job does not hang.