MapInfo Pro: Border style for closed geometry (such as rectangle and polygon) does not match sample display and legend style

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro™


When a border style has a one-sided pattern, the sample displayed in the Region Style dialog for polygon, rectangle and rounded rectangle is not consistent with the display in the Map Window. This is also the case in the Legend.
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Internally MapInfo Pro is not able to distinguish the clockwise and counter clockwise versions as two different items that each require an entry in the Legend. 


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
The following workaround can resolve the issue:
  • If creating a new geometry (polygon, rectangle etc..) draw the geometry clockwise instead of anticlockwise so that the style comes up correctly in the sample as well as in Legend.
See example:
User-added image
  • For existing geometry, follow the steps below:
  1. Select the opposite style in Region border style (For example, if the geometry has pattern on the outside, choose the style with pattern inside)
  2. Load MapCAD tool (if using 32-bit MapInfo Pro, from Tools -> Tools Manager and if using 64-bit MapInfo Pro, go to Home-> Tools-> Registered tab)
  3. Select the geometry which needs to be corrected and click on Reverse Line direction tool (if using 32-bit MapInfo Pro, under Object toolbar User-added image and if using 64-bit MapInfo Pro, Under Spatial tab-> Edit -> Modify -> Reverse Line Direction User-added image

Below is the screenshot corrected after applying MapCAD's Reverse Line direction tool:
User-added image