Resolve issue where custom symbols/labels cause a lagging in Layout Designer Window in MapInfo Pro

Product Feature: Printing/Output/Layout
Product: MapInfo Pro, Discover 


Custom symbols make the Layout Designer window un-usable due to a huge performance decrease.

The customer generally prefer working in the layout designer window because it is easier to re-position labels as well as modify symbol sizes to fit the map scale in one window, and preview the final output at the same time. They plots the structure symbols in the same window. But doing this really affects performance.


The performance issues are mostly due to custom labels in the workspace.


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
Clearing all custom labels increase performance back to normal.

However on a geological map it is necessary to have the labels (dip/plunge angles of structures) positioned in that manner. In plotting structure symbols with Discover the labels are also positioned in this manner.

The following possible workaround has reduced the lag to a manageable limit:
  • Clearing all custom symbols.
  • Then turn on the labels from Layer Control.
  • Then manually reposition the labels appropriately.