Portrait Foundation - The Configuration Suite is not refreshing correctly after amending a GDA transaction

Product Feature: General Data Access


In the new Configuration Suite that accompanies Portrait Foundation v5.0 Update 1, there is a known bug when updating Generic Data Access (GDA) transactions.
If a GDA is updated and its data output changes, then the corresponding Data Object (DO) that holds that data will be automatically updated as usual.
However, once saved, the Configuration Suite framework does not fully refresh and the end user only sees the altered GDA transaction as checked-out in the Drafts folder. They do not see the amended DO as being checked-out in the Drafts folder.
This means that there is no way to check-in the DO changes at that point in time.


This issue is specific to the 5.0 U1 version of the new Configuration Suite.
There is a known bug whereby the framework's Drafts folder does not consider the content of the Data Objects folder when updating itself following any GDA transaction changes.


UPDATED: April 4, 2017
This issue will be fixed in a future release of the Configuration Suite.
In the meantime, the workaround is that in order for the Drafts folder to fully update itself, the Configuration Suite needs to be restarted.
With this in mind, we would recommend that before considering checking-in any configuration changes, if those changes have included any Generic Access objects (GDA or GWSA), end users should restart the Configuration Suite in order to fully refresh the Drafts folder.