Resolving the issue in MapInfo Pro 15.2.x when saving a NativeX table as a Native table retains the 1520 version number in the tab

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


When saving a NativeX table as a Native table ("classic"), the resultant tab retains the 1520 version number instead of reverting back to an earlier version.

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This has been raised as a defect under MIPRO-69439.


UPDATED: July 2, 2019
One possible workaround is to edit the "1520" version stamp in an text editor to a lower version like 1250, etc. after saving to the "classic" tab format. This is not an ideal workaround because the data types, projection, etc. of the table may not be available in a lower version of Pro, which can cause unpredictable results when opening.
The version stamp is the lowest  version of MapInfo Pro that supports the features such as data type, projection, etc. of the table.

A better workaround is to force the records in the table to go through the MapInfo Pro "transaction" code, which creates the appropriate version stamp based
on the data.

To convert the NativeX example above from the version stamp of 1520 after a Save Copy As to a different version stamp based on the data:

1) open the NativeX table in MapInfo Pro - in this example, it's ver. 17.0.3. and go to Table > Content > New Table.
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2) Select "Open New Mapper" and for Table Structure, select "Using Table" and select the NativeX table to be re-versioned:

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3) Take the default Field Names and Data Types and then Save the New Table as a Native tab.

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Pro will open the table "shell" automatically:

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4) Now use MapInfo Pro's "Append Rows" function to append the records from the original NativeX table to the new table shell created and then save the new table.

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When saved, this operation forces all records to be passed through MapInfo Pro's transaction code which decided the appropriate version stamp based on the data itself.

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5) Save the edit to the newly created table via Home > Save > Save Table and when the contents of the tab file ae viewed in a text editor, one can see the
version stamp is now 300 and not 1520, based on the actual data in the table, and can be opened in all version of MapInfo Pro 3.x and greater:
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Please contact Technical Support for an update on MIPRO-69439.