Resolve error "Invalid column identifier in USING clause" when creating a Legend in MapInfo Pro

Product Feature: Thematic and Legends
Product: MapInfo Professional, MapInfo Pro


Creating a legend in MapInfo Pro using a specific table throws an error. The following process it issued:
  • Open the layer  
  • Map > Create legend 
  • In the Create Legend - Choose Layers dialogue select the layers you want entered into the legend. Click Next > Finish 
  • The following MapInfo error appears… 
Invalid column identifier in USING clause; Frame From Layer 1. 


Not known. None of the usual ways to correct a table did work to solve the issue. Usually packing a table corrects table structure issues and Save Copy As corrects file issues but none of them did help in this case.


UPDATED: September 11, 2017
But the good news is that the following workaround corrects whatever is wrong with a table throwing this error: 
  • Open the table in a map window 
  • Create a new table with the original table as a template for the table structure 
  • Select all features from original table (right click the layer in layer control > Select all ... ) 
  • Copy all features to the clipboard (Edit > Copy
  • Select the new layer and paste the features in there (Edit > Paste
  • Save the new table and you should be able to create a legend from it without error.