Resolving user mapped drives not visible or shown as disconnected within Mapinfo Pro but visible within Windows Explorer

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


User running Mapinfo Pro with mapped drives to network shares finds that drives are not visible or show as disconnected within Pro but are visible within Windows Explorer.


This Windows issue is typically related to Rights. It can also occur when the OS "sees" the user launching Pro as an "Admin" i.e. as a different user than
when Pro is launched normally, so the OS does not display those mapped drives in Pro.


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
Try setting UAC control to "never notify" via control panel>User Accounts - this usually resolves the issue.

Sometimes this issue is caused when running MapInfo Pro by having "Run as Admin" enabled.
Try turning this off by right-clicking on MapinfoPro .exe in Windows Explorer, then choose Properties>Compatibility and un-checking
Run as Admin".
This is because in certain circumstances, using the elevated credentials of "running as admin." causes MapInfo Pro to "see" the
user as a different user than the one that created the mapped drives, which can be set to be "per user".

Here are more sites that discuss this common Windows issue - for these, users will likely need to engage their IT Dept. to resolve: