Resolve Portrait Foundation DataMart creation process failure when upgrading from an older version of SQL Server

Product Feature: Data mart


After upgrading to SQL Server 2012 from an older version of the database, using the 'Complete rebuild' option of the DataMart Creation Utility resulted in the following error message:
User-added image
Running the command-line version of the tool did not work either.


This issue happens because there was an artefact left in place following an internal update to replace calls to the deprecated sys.sysobjects system view with calls to the sys.objects catalog view in SQL Server. The issue prevents the DataMart Creation Utility from being able to successfully drop and recreate the necessary stored procedures in the DataMart database.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
This issue has been fixed and patches have been created for Portrait Foundation release v4.4 Update 5 and v5.0 Update 1.
If you encounter this issue and you are running either of these two versions of the software, please contact Support on the usual email and as well as supplying the usual issue details, please request one of the following patches:
v4.4 Update 5TFS-34440
v5.0 Update 1TFS-34443
Patches are also available through the Portrait Support FTP site.