Resolve crashes using SplitLine_Eng.MBX for editing a MapInfo® Routefinder network in MapInfo Pro™

Product affected: MapInfo Professional™, MapInfo Pro™, MapInfo® Routefinder


On the RouteWare Homepage customers can find a guide to edit networks. In this guide SplitLine_Eng.MBX is recommended to use split lines as a node. This tool crashes recent version of MapInfo Pro™.

The guide recommends the following: 

... we have a road where we want to add a path: - To do this we need to split the road at the point indicated by the arrowhead. For this there is a free internet utility called Splitline_Eng.mbx


The tool can be easily found and the web page provides the versions the tool has been tested with:

Compatibility: MI 10.5, MI 10.0, MI 9.5, MI 9.0, MI 8.5, MI 8.0, MI 7.8, MI 7.5, pre-MI 7.5


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
Do not use the tool to split polylines in recent versions of MapInfo Pro™. There is an easy way to slit lines at a node with the following workflow below:
  1. Select the polyline to be split
  2. Make the layer editable
  3. Enable Reshape feature  
  4. Select the node where the polyline should be split
  5. Go to Object > Polyline Split at Node 
  6. Keep all attribute data at data Disaggregation
  7. Done – You now should have two polyline objects with the same attribute data.
Note! After all edits are done it is recommended to pack the table as well after saving the edits.

Attached also a a short document can found (Split polyline at a node.docx) as a guide with some additional screen shots: