Resolve the EasyLoader Error: Failed to create Map Catalog in Oracle. ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™, EasyLoader™


When trying to create a MapCatalog in Oracle using EasyLoader an error is thrown:

"Failed to create Map Catalog"
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges."


This is caused by the user not having sufficient privileges (read/write/edit) on the database in question.


UPDATED: September 28, 2017
To create a mapcatalog, users will require administrator privileges to read and write to the database server.
Even if only reading tables on the server, user still require write access to have EasyLoader create the Map Catalog and then have MapInfo Pro write entries to the Map Catalog table.

You should also note that EasyLoader creates the MAPINFO schema at the server level while creating the Map Catalog table and it also creates a MAPINFO user for the database.​