Resolve issue around MapInfo z-axis, z-value support in Native or NativeX TAB format

Product Feature: Data Creation/Import/Open
Product: MapInfo Pro, MapInfo Professional 


A customer asked for z-axis, z-value support in MapInfo Native or NativeX TAB format. 

They want to convert a shape file to TAB, manipulate the features and afterwards export this back to Shape. Unfortunately during this process the z values get lost. 


Unfortunately the Native and NativeX TAB format does not store z values as well. We have plans to support it in future, but there is currently no schedule for this.

Any change to the existing functionality would be a feature request, enhancement.


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
Engineering suggest to open a SHP directly in MIPro and use MapBasic MapBasic functions to query M & Z values from the SHP file itself.

There are:
  • ObjectNodeM, ObjectNodeZ,
  • ObjectNodeHasM, ObjectNodeHasZ,
  • and 4 parameters to pass to ObjectInfo() for getting Z & M info out of object for Z\M-Value support.