Portrait Foundation - After running the 'Client Tools' installation, the configuring of Generic Access entries is not possible

Product Feature: Configuration suite


After running the 'Client Tools' installation for Portrait Foundation, the Configuration Suite hangs when trying to create or edit any Generic Access (GA) configuration objects.
This includes Generic Data Access (GDA) and Generic Web Service Access (GWSA) functionality.


The reason for this is a small bug in the Portrait Foundation installer. The installer omits the installation of an assembly called GACommon.dll (and its associated GACommon.pdb) when a 'Client Tools' installation is run. This file is critical when configuring GA features. The Portrait log file will subsequently describe the issue and name the missing assembly.


UPDATED: March 22, 2017
Close down any instances of the Configuration Suite. Take a copy of the GACommon.dll and GACommon.pdb files from another Portrait Foundation server (at the exact same release version) and paste them into the Portrait Foundation installation bin folder which is usually located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\PST\Portrait Foundation\common\bin".
If you do not have access to a different Portrait Foundation server, please contact support to request the file - making sure that you specify the exact version of your Portrait Foundation release (including hot fixes).