Portrait Dialogue - The clientside script method MHSetValue does not set an alternative's textbox value

Product Feature: Plug-ins


In the Portrait Dialogue User Guide, the client-side script MHSetValue method is described as follows:
void MHSetValue(variant value, string questionKey [,string alternativeKey, bool getAlternativeTextbox])

The final optional parameter is described thus: "Passing true to the function will set the alternative's textbox value according to the first parameter."
Unfortunately, supplying true in the last parameter does not do what is suggested in the documentation.


There is a bug in the scripts.resx code preventing this specific aspect of the functionality from working.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
A patch (after v6.1 SP1) will be created to fix this. If you require a patch for an earlier release, please contact Support quoting reference SFDC-04167355.