Resolve issue with rotated symbols not displaying as expected when opened in MapInfo Pro and Runtime v15.2 and above

Products affected: MapInfo Pro ™ v15.2 and MapInfo Runtime upwards


When opening a table, in MapInfo Pro ™ or MapInfo Runtime v15.2 and above, rotated symbols are not displaying as they did in previous versions. Only one rotated symbol is seen, instead of multiple rotated symbols.


This issue is occurring due to "Fast Symbol Rendering" being checked "on" by default.

From the Pro 15.2 User's Guide:

Fast Symbol Rendering - MapInfo Pro optimizes how point symbols render on the screen by
drawing a point symbol only once at a specific location when rendering a layer. This preference
is enabled by default. Disable to see symbols rendered at the same location, such as when using
the Dispersed Groups font that comes with MapInfo Pro or when using rotated symbols.


UPDATED: May 9, 2018
To resolve this issue in MapInfo Pro uncheck the "Fast symbol rendering" option by following these steps:
  1. Go to Pro>Options>Output settings>Display
  2. Un-check the box for "fast symbol rendering"
  3. Click OK through the dialogs.
For MapInfo Runtime:

The following statement can be used in the MapBasic application that calls MapInfo Runtime:


Set FastPointRendering { On | Off }


Use the Set FastPointRendering statement to override the Fast Symbol Rendering preference set in MapInfo Pro. MapInfo Pro users can turn this on or off as a system preference on the PRO tab, by selecting Options, and clickingOutput Settings. The system preference is a check box called Fast Symbol Rendering. The Set FastPointRenderingstatement does not change the preference value in MapInfo Pro.