Resolve issue where MapInfo ProViewer users on Citrix clients are being asked to locate the mapinfow.prj file on startup



Proviewer is installed on a Citrix network and client machines running Proviewer are being asked to locate the mapinfow.prj file on startup. This does not affect functionality.


The cause is the Citrix client environment configuration.


UPDATED: August 2, 2017
If proviewer can be started from the Citrix server and it does not ask to locate the mapinfow.prj file then then the MiPro server install is ok. If the problem does occur on the server, checks should be made to ensure that the mapinfow.prj is in the installation directory and the installation has been run as Admin.

If this is only occurring on Citrix client machines then it is something to do with the Client or the Profile and should be investigated by the customer's Citrix Administrator or their IT department.