Resolve MapBasic function ObjectGeography() with OBJ_GEO_LINE_BEGX produces unexpected results for a polyline

Products affected: MapBasic™


When trying to use ObjectGeography() with OBJ_GEO_LINE_BEGX, OBJ_GEO_LINE_BEGY, OBJ_GEO_LINE_ENDX and OBJ_GEO_LINE_ENDY users may expect the results to display the start and end nodes of a line but occasionally the results are mixed and the end node X and Y are reported instead of the start node X and Y.


The concept of beginning and end nodes is somewhat meaningless for a polyline object since a polyline object can consist of multiple polylines. It is documented in the MapBasic documentation that OBJ_GEO_LINEBEGX is for Line objects, therefore it may produce unexpected results for polyline objects.


UPDATED: October 4, 2017
This is essentially working as designed, the functions can only be used successfully for line objects.